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Safa Warda
Semi-Comp: 2 Men Down!

Safa is known to be a very aggressive wrestler who gives 200%. Even though this match isn't fully competitive, you can certainly see the explosion of energy Safa has. She blasts herself onto her male opponent and manages to get him in many different holds including grapevines, schoolgirl pins, lotus lock, armbars and choke holds. BEWARE of her scissors! They are frighteningly strong! 4 minutes in, Safa reefs Jay's neck deep into her crotch and applies the tightest front headscissor, knocking him out cold in 3 seconds flat! As he wakes up still in the hold, she regrips and squeezes some more. He completely freaks out, stops the match and feels too woozy to continue. Luckily, his buddy Eric who is filming volunteers to step in. Safa conquers her second male opponent, making him submit numerous times. Even though Eric asked her not to knock him out, her sadistic side couldn't resist. Her reverse headscissor sneaks up on him as he slowly drifts away. Safa is the real deal and consider this your warning.
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Safa Warda
The Knockout Waiver!

When we told Safa that we would make her victim sign a waiver that gives her permission to do whatever she wants, her eyes lit up and said "I love when this happens". She's actually had requests for this before and after witnessing what she does to Jay, we can see why someone would break the contract if they could. Unfortunately for Jay, his wrists and ankles are in shackles so no amount of begging gets her to stop. Also, Venus who is typically in charge of the camera and his safety wasn't there to stop the shoot when he was in trouble. This video has some of the most panic we have ever seen and had the spectators in the background in shock. Safa goes all out and proves just how insanely strong her scissors are. She practically has him in tears. She also goes on to use foot chokes, sleeperholds and foot stomps. Safa then locks on the TIGHTEST reverse headscissors and knocks him out cold! As he wakes up, she snatches his neck back into her legs and squeezes so hard, he screams out in absolute terror. Don't take our word for it. See it for yourself!
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Safa Warda
Scissor Challenge 194

After meeting Safa, we knew there was going to be casualties. This girl LOVES scissoring and making her victims panic. She also insists on knockouts because she loves those too. Who doesn't? What she put Jay through in this challenge is almost hard to watch. Not only is her reverse headscissor ridiculously strong (and I mean CRAZY strong!), but she attacked his belly with dozens of hard punches as he struggles to breathe between her vise-like scissors. Jenna and Shayne cheered her on while she punishes the inferior male. With one minute left, she knocks him right out into convulsions. As he wakes up, she scoops him back into the reverse and tries to finish the challenge. Jay is so terrified and dazed that he begs Safa repeatedly to stop until she finally decides to let him go. Boy was he scared!
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