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Leave a Message After The SNAP!

Scar is on a rampage and trust me when I say someone is going to get hurt real bad. She seeks revenge on this guy Ryan who did her wrong but unfortunately, he isn't home. So instead, she decides to use his roommate to relay a message and it isn't pretty. The way she crushes his head between her enormous muscular legs truly indicates just how angry she really is. She pumps her muscles, engulfing his puny neck then almost breaks his ribs with her bodyscissors. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. After what seems like hours of hell, she snaps his neck like a twig with her thighs and pins a note to his forehead that says "SCAR WAS HERE!", letting Ryan know that she's coming for him next!
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Clash of the Titans!

Never has Mark faced such power even from male opponents. Fresh from winning her bodybuilding competition, Scar decides to give him a taste of her strength. The two start by arm wrestling. Scar's rippling bicep bulges as she takes him down. Mark is blown away and humiliated. Now onto a semi comp match. Mark has experience in BJJ and other fighting styles but Scar proves once again to be the superior sex. She quickly and flawlessly puts him in one hold into another giving him no chance. You can tell how hard he tries to break himself free but Scar is in a league of her own.
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Scissor Challenge 173

You are about to witness the most insane figure-4 challenge ever! Scar takes down 2 males with her bulging calf. After taunting them by flexing her huge rock hard legs and biceps, she puts her first victim in the tightest figure-4. She warns him that if he doesn't escape in 5 minutes, she will snap his neck! The pain is unbearable and he panics every step of the way. The 2nd opponent witnesses the fatal neck break and must now face the same impossible challenge. Only this time, she accidentally knocks him out right before she was about to snap his neck. So Scar decides instead to make him dispose of the first body. It doesn't get any crazier than this!
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Prisoner of War

INCREDIBLE! At her very best shape, Scar's bulging, rock hard muscles are about to do some irreversible damage! NO ONE should ever have to go through this. Scar has been hired for the new torture resistance program. In the event that a soldier gets captured by an enemy of war, he or she must endure the worst pain imaginable. With his hands and feet securely tied, Scar's massive legs engulf his neck and start squeezing without mercy. The soldier passes through many stages including fear, panic, oxygen deprivation and unconsciousness. You do NOT want to miss this!
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Scissor Challenge 129

It's almost hard to imagine the suffering Jay had to endure in order to survive
10 minutes between Jennifer's massive thighs. Trapped in a reverse that can crack a boulder, Jay is practically crying as Scar pulverizes his neck. To top it off, her grip is so tight; she almost puts Jay out a couple times before his time is up.
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Pressure Gauge: Rampage!

Built like a warrior goddess, Scar goes on a rampage in this Pressure Gauge. Poor little Steve risks it all by letting this muscular babe demonstrate her amazing scissoring strength. His teeth grind, his eyes bulge and his hands flail as she cranks up the pressure making sure you, the audience, feel his pain!
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Brutal Beatdown!

This video is INSANE!!! Scar holds nothing back as she forces Jay from one scissor hold to the next. She pours on the pressure making sure he feels the power of her incredible legs. Squeezing so hard, Scar doesn't even notice Jay passing out until he eventually wakes up terrified, still trapped in a tight reverse figure-4.
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Fresh Meat

You would think we'd give the new victim a break but instead we did the total opposite. Starring in his first scissor video, Steve gets tied up then crushed by Jennifer Scarpetta who has one of the most muscular pair of legs we have ever seen. Poor guy was screaming between Scar's INSANELY lethal scissors!
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