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Shauna Ryanne
Deadly Obsession 2

Shauna has many devoted fans and followers who fantasize about her. One particular fan took it too far by kidnapping her. Shauna wakes up wearing skimpy lingerie, surrounded by rose petals, her wrists locked together and her abductor trying to lock her ankles together. Unfortunately for him, he's in the danger zone and her legs come flying out, snatching his neck. Shauna is furious but at the same time eager, to torture her stalker. She crushes him mercilessly for 4 minutes until he finally gives up the key. She then immediately flexes her thighs and ass until he passes out. He later wakes up with his hands shackled behind his back. Shauna does a real number on him, applying the tightest scissorholds ever, knocking him out once again. After turning his head purple from the pressure, she cocks his head in and thrusts her legs out at full speed, breaking his neck. SNAP! He messed with the wrong girl.
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Shauna Ryanne
Xtreme Challenge 7

Even Shauna couldn't believe how stupid Jay would have to be to put himself through this insanity. Her reverse headscissors can put a person out cold in seconds. Now he's going to be trapped in her scissor prison until he either breaks free (fat chance) or she decides to let him go. Knowing full well that her scissors could hold him there for hours, Shauna sadistically toys with him by taunting him and making him panic. Jay has to pay her for every minute he's trapped so every second counts. He desperately tries to pry her freakishly strong legs apart but she has them on lockdown. About 30 minutes in, Shauna decides he's had enough and knocks him right out. He suddenly wakes up with Shauna on top of him, striking a victory pose. She then smothers him with her beautiful feet.
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Shauna Ryanne
Assassin Rush!

Looking for a real rush? Try running away from the town's most dangerous gangster with a load of his money while his fiercest assassin is out to find and destroy you. Just as he's about to leave his condo and head for the airport, Shauna, one of the most sadistic assassins of all, catches him before he's able to leave town. You can tell that he's terrified and who can blame him? No one's ever been able to survive Shauna's "special" tactics. She is highly trained in most fighting styles and her legs are strong enough to bend steel. Once she latches on, you are in a world of trouble! Now it's Shauna's turn to get a rush as she squeezes and tortures this guy between her thighs until she is satisfied. She then finishes him off with a violent headscissor NECK BREAKER!
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Shauna Ryanne
Bedroom Battles Round 4

Our Bedroom Battles have been a Big Hit and we figured who else but the very quick and very talented Shauna Ryanne for our next round. So if you're a fan of semi-comp style wrestling and hot girls wearing skimpy underwear and thigh high socks, then you're in for a ride. What's funny is Jay actually thought he can give her a go but Shauna rocks his world with so many holds at such a fast pace, he becomes putty in her hands, or should I say LEGS! Shauna doesn't only use scissors either. She opens up a whole arsenal of moves and if you love knockouts, she is a pro. She KO's him with a one arm choke, a reverse headscissor and then once more with her forearm while on top of him! WOW, WOW and WOW!
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Shauna Ryanne
Foot & Thigh Slave

Shauna has very sexy feet that deserve to be worshipped. This is why she kicks her ottoman aside and forces her slave to be her new footstool. Shauna smothers him with her beautiful feet, preventing him from breathing but her slave won't stay still. She decides to put the fear in him and uses her powerful thighs to squeeze him into a little obedient footstool. The pressure is unbearable and his hands are tied behind his back. It isn't long before Shauna breaks him down and plants her feet in his face again without a single peep.
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Shauna Ryanne
Shock Collar: The Untouchables

Much like our other Shock Collar videos, if the victim touches his master's legs, he suffers the consequences but this time, Shauna takes it to a whole new level. She wants Jay to touch her legs SO badly, she squeezes him until he can no longer breathe and starts to panic. He has no choice but to pull on her legs in desperate need for air. Shauna now gets to punish him by squeezing even harder, making it a lose-lose situation for him. She squeezes so hard, she accidentally puts him out in her deadly figure-4. Jay got more than he bargained for in this panic filled video.
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Shauna Ryanne
Scissor Challenge 163

When Shauna found out Jay was going around telling people her legs weren't that strong, she knew exactly what to do to put an end to that entirely false rumor. She wrestles him off the couch and locks onto his neck like a pair of vise grips. Shauna totally restricts his air and promises to knock his ass out if he doesn't get out so he better try.
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Shauna Ryanne
Fight To The Death: Anything Goes!

What's hotter then Shauna Ryanne in a tight latex catsuit kicking some guys ass then breaking his neck with her thighs? That's right, nothing! There are no rules! Last one breathing wins! Even though her opponent tries hard to fight back, Shauna easily out grapples him and turns him into a pretzel. He is no match for this gorgeous man handler.
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Shauna Ryanne
Scissor Challenge 156

Shauna has a very strong athletic body with legs that can crush a skull. While trying to whip Jay into shape, she gets very impatient. She straps her powerful thighs around his neck and gives him a whole new meaning of training. "If you don't get out in the next 10 minutes, I might just snap your head off" she says as she locks on. Now that's motivation!
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Shauna Ryanne
Pressure Gauge: Off The Charts!

Shauna warned Jay about her scissors before making this Pressure Gauge video. She said he would be tapping right away and she was right. As soon as Shauna clamped her thighs around Jay, it was a total tap-fest. Halfway into it, she just started squeezing as hard as she can, easily knocking him out in her lethal reverse. This video is off the charts!
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