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Siren Thorn

Not many people know this but there is a secret society that call themselves Club-X. It is a group of highly skilled women hired by angry ex-wives to seek retribution. Club-X will send one of their girls to the ex-husband's and get them to sign a membership contract. If he's intelligent enough to read it, he will realize that he would be giving consent to Club-X to send a girl over each week and kick his ass. Of course most men would have a problem with this but these girls know what they're doing and always get their signature. It's just a matter of squeezing it out of them.
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Siren Thorn
Sadistic Dom

When your hands and feet are securely tied together, you are at the total mercy of the dominatrix also known as your master. Siren is a beautiful dom but she can also be quite sadistic. She loves to bring men to their absolute limit and sometimes beyond it. She just laughs hysterically while her slave squirms between her airtight scissors. Every now and then, her legs get too violent and snaps their little necks. Something she also enjoys doing.
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Siren Thorn
Scissor Challenge 167

Siren Thorn is one tough Asian girl and loves making men feel inferior. She can also be very mean. Just watch how tight she holds her reverse. It's almost as if her legs and glutes were perfectly molded around his neck leaving no gaps and no chance of escape. Just one lethal death trap. After the challenge is over, Venus entices her to try and knock him out. So Siren throws his neck back into her grip and squeezes him with everything she's got until he is long gone. True fact: Jay was actually feeling nauseous after this and had to take a nap.
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Siren Thorn
Ninja Assassin

I pity anyone who becomes target of the one they call Ninja Assassin. She is hired only by the wealthiest, the corrupt and most powerful clients because she is very sadistic and never fails to deliver. Her legs have been trained and sculpted into deadly weapons ever since she was a very young girl. She was born an assassin and may you pray you never feel the likes of her scissors. She knows every weak point in your neck and can break it in 5 different places with one deadly SNAP!
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