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Sugar Diamond
Big Trouble For Little White Boy

Jay is in BIG trouble this time. If you've seen any of Sugar's videos, you know how insane her scissors are. Severe panic doesn't even begin to describe Jay's reaction to her powerful crushing thighs. In this video, Jay has his hands tied behind his back. His screams and mercy pleas go ignored. Highly recommended for fans of extreme fear!
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Sugar Diamond
Scissor Challenge 141

For the first time ever on ScissorFoxes, Jay had to stop the challenge mid way through because he couldn't handle the pressure and was scared for his life. Sugar Diamond has insane power in her thick legs and was just too much for Jay. They decide to continue the challenge and she was even more vicious, knocking him out with a full strength crush.
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Sugar Diamond
Scissor Proof

Sugar was hired for a glamour shoot but after seeing the photographer's other project, she was very intrigued. He informs her that she may not be ready for ScissorFoxes but she insists on proving him wrong. Sugar forces him between her big strong legs and doesn't let go until he is terrified of her scissors. She's getting the job one way or another.
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Sugar Diamond
Pressure Gauge: Hardcore!

Sugar Diamond will blow you away! She spent most of her life wrestling and playing rugby. You will see how terrifyingly strong her scissors are when you watch this video. The fear in Jay's face says it all. Sugar also told us that she had knocked out opponents before and proves it twice on Jay with a sleeper hold and a reverse headscissor.
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