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Tanya Steel
The Panic Addict Therapist

Come witness another ScissorFoxes moment in history! This is the first time Jay has ever got knocked out by a foot choke. The stunningly beautiful Tanya Steel knocks him out, not once, but twice in a row and they're both REAL KO's! So back to the story. Jay has an addiction to panic (which is actually quite true) and seeks professional help. When he walks into his therapist's office, he notices this attractive woman wearing skin tight latex pants which accentuates her bulging thighs and calves. After admitting his problem to the doctor, she smiles and knows EXACTLY what to do. Tanya wraps her muscular legs around his neck and starts squeezing, preventing him from breathing. She goes overboard with her scissors and brings out SO MUCH panic from him, we were shocked he survived. Tanya works up a sweat and takes her top off then adds a little hand over mouth. His eyes pop out. At last, she places him against the sofa and drives her foot in his throat. We still don't know if she intentionally knocked him out but she sure seemed proud of it. After waking up from his first nap, Tanya puts pressure again, knocking him out seconds after. Jay wakes up this time totally distraught and terrified. This is one therapy session he, nor will you, EVER forget!
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Tanya Steel & Alexa Fire
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Our new HOT duo are not your average girls. Not only are they sexy as hell but they also love wrestling each other for fun. Wearing provocative lingerie, Tanya and Alexa go at it using pillows, schoolgirl pins, headscissors and bodyscissors while laughing up a storm. Suddenly, a muffled sound comes from a pile of blankets in the corner. The girls stop their match and Tanya says: "Is he interrupting our playtime?" which Alexa responds: "Let's kick his f***ing ass!" The girls lift the blanket and reveal their slave with his wrists and ankles cuffed and his mouth taped shut. They both team up on him and take turns scissoring while the other either helps squeeze their legs together, doubling the pressure or punching him in the belly. At the end, Alexa tucks his neck deep into her figure-4 while Tanya reefs on her legs for an inevitable knockout. He wakes up freaked out since he's still being held captive in the same hold. He shouts at the girls telling them that he passed out already, terrified that it was going to happen again. They finally let him go, place their feet on his chest and strike a pose. These girls know how to have fun!
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Tanya Steel
Payback With A Vengeance!

Brace yourself as this is about to get crazy! After barely surviving Tanya's Pressure Gauge and Scissor Challenge, Jay had to go to the doctor's to get his neck examined and walked out with a cervical collar. He was so upset, he decided to get even with Tanya. He manages to strap her into a bondage chair after sedating her. Now that she's awake, he approaches her and explains why he is so upset. Tanya remains calm and cocky. As he gets closer, she whips her muscular legs towards him, breaking the straps off the chair, and constricts his neck like there's no tomorrow. While in her grip, she forces him to unlatch her wrist straps then squeezes with full force, knocking him out. He drops to the floor like a sac of potatoes. When he wakes up from his scissor nap, she's got her knee on his back while tying his hands behind him. This CAN'T be good. Tanya wraps her thighs around his neck once again in one of the tightest reverse headscissors he's ever felt. Her glutes engulf his head, bringing him into extreme panic. He repeatedly screams "STOP!" and "PLEASE!" but Tanya detests those words. She trains him to say "Thank you" as she pulverizes his already injured neck. By the end, Tanya's had enough and snaps his neck twice, violently, making sure she never sees him again. MUST SEE!
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Tanya Steel
Scissor Challenge 204

Look at those legs. My God! They were built for scissoring. It's hard to believe that Tanya had never scissored before working with ScissorFoxes. When she locks those meaty muscular thighs around your head, it's game over. You better hope she takes it easy on you because even 20% of her power is hard to handle. Tanya also has a natural Dom attitude. She toys with her thigh prisoner and eventually forces him to reply "Yes Ma'am!" to everything she says or else! Even though she had never knocked anyone out with a headscissor before, we asked her to wear those booty shorts that say "Knockout" on the butt knowing full well that she can. At the end of an excruciating 10 minute challenge in her unbelievable reverse headscissors, she delivers with flying colors. She reaches for Jay's head and pulls it in as deep as it goes then squeezes her ass and thighs as hard as she can. He goes out like a light. With legs like that, was there ever any doubt? You can find out yourself but be careful what you wish for.
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Tanya Steel
Pressure Gauge:
Shocked & Speechless!

Please welcome the next big thing to hit the scissor scene! This HOT bombshell is the total package. She has the pretty face, the bulging thigh and calf muscles, the silky soft skin and the attitude of a mean girl who knows she can destroy you. Meet Tanya Steel, ScissorFoxes' new superstar. After you see this pressure gauge, you'll understand why. Right from the start, you can tell she enjoys having that kind of power over men and her crazy muscular legs make her very cocky. Tanya is SO freaking mean in this video, making Jay scream to stop as he flops around in desperation. You will also see her do the best sleeperhold knockout we have EVER seen. It starts by Jay losing his ability to say words, then starts biting his own tongue followed by very odd gestures with his arms. Tanya, unaware that he is out, keeps choking him out then finally lets him go. It takes him a while to recover. She then puts him in the tightest schoolgirl pin he has ever encountered and out of shear panic, he pushes her to the side to try and breathe. She punishes him by squeezing even harder. The rest of the video is just as intense. Jay is so terrified, he begs her to ease up and not to knock him out. We've never seen him so scared. Much more of Tanya Steel to come!
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