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Veronica Vice
Slave Labor

Always read the fine print when signing a contract. Jay did not expect his last paid gig would require getting tied up then squeezed by the hot fit model who hired him. Once she ties him up, Veronica makes sure she gets her money's worth. Her entire body thrusts off the floor as she scissors with full force, making sure his intense fear is captured.
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Veronica Vice
You'll Be Sorry!

When Veronica agreed to become a ScissorFox, she warned Jay "You'll be sorry". What he didn't know is how Veronica often wrestles her guy friends and has always made them submit with her famous scissors. Her years as a cheerleader have made her legs very lethal. See for yourself as she knocks Jay out with a classic headscissor.
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Veronica Vice
Booty Camp Bitch!

Veronica is a real hard ass when it comes to fitness. There's nothing she likes more than working out her toned legs and glutes while making some poor guy suffer. She calls it her Boot Camp and only the strong survive. Veronica turns into a total bitch once she locks a tight grip on her victim. She teases and tortures him, making his life a scissor hell.
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Veronica Vice
Scissor Challenge 139

Who here hasn't fantasized about getting crushed by a hot cheerleader? Veronica Vice has been doing it for 12 years and has the legs to prove it. Halfway into the challenge, she knocks Jay out and doesn't even realize it. She keeps squeezing and when he finally comes to, Jay tries to quit. Veronica refuses to let go then takes his wallet for incentive.
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