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VeVe Lane
Pressure Gauge: Tapped Out!

VeVe is a force to be reckoned with and the moment she has you between her lean but muscular thighs, you are in BIG trouble. She toys with Jay as she adds more and more pressure, bringing him to a point of extreme panic. He taps out like crazy, even giving her the "safety pinch" in some holds but she just laughs at his misfortune. VeVe uses all types of holds in this Pressure Gauge, showing off her abilities. With figure-4s, standing headscissors and schoolgirl pins, she really has Jay in a bind.
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VeVe Lane
Scissor Challenge 178

As many of you know, VeVe's lean athletic legs are capable of long excruciating scissors. Jay learns this first hand as he is locked in her reverse headscissors for 10 straight minutes. He even bets her $500 that he could get out but immediately realizes that escape is impossible and every time he tries, she adds a little extra pressure, making his stay a lot more "comfortable". At the end of the challenge, VeVe finds out he doesn't have the money so she straightens her legs and tightens her muscles. In a matter of seconds, his eyes roll back and his body goes completely limp. OUT COLD! We dare anyone to try the VeVe challenge.
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VeVe Lane
Big Sister's Furious Scissors!

Big sisters are known to be very tough and often beat up or even protect their younger siblings. After finding out her younger sister's boyfriend left a party with some other girl, VeVe gets furious and seeks payback. Ropes and scissors are her specialty and she's about to show him a new level of pain. She kicks her scissors into overdrive, showing him no mercy! VeVe then knocks him out once and right when he wakes up, knocks him out AGAIN! He wakes up completely dazed and trapped under her reverse schoolgirl pin while she flexes her amazing biceps. Never mess with the big sister!
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VeVe Lane
Fight To The Death: Big Guy Down!

VeVe is an amazing fighter but can she take down the Big Guy Mark (6 ft, 220 lbs)? This is a Fight to the Death so first one to kill the other WINS! This is a VERY intense, fast paced match. Mark puts up a fight but VeVe's speed and skills are much superior. At one point, while trying to choke him to death with a reverse headscissor, she knocks him out cold! Using every hold in the book, she finally manages to snap his neck between her athletic thighs for a much deserved victory! VeVe WINS!
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