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Scissor Challenge 165

Here's another great one for you bodyscissor fans. Watch WildKat's massive quads bulge and constrict Jay's torso while her huge biceps crush his throat. She promises to break a rib if he doesn't escape. He tries everything to peel her pythons off of him before the time runs out but it's too late. She applies FULL pressure and CRRRAACK!!
  Added Feb-15-2013
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Pressure Gauge: Neck Breaking Power!

WildKat has been crushing heads for quite some time now and loves making men yield to her power. Once she wraps her big strong thighs around Jay's head and starts squeezing, she makes sure everyone can see how terrified he is. She even forces him to take much more pressure than he could handle until his neck finally snaps like a twig.
  Added Dec-25-2012
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  Added Jan-22-2013
Latex Muscle Trap

FBB Kathy has made plenty of men submit to her pythonic legs but when you add grippy latex pants into the mix, you are absolutely helpless in her muscle prison. She constantly reminds Jay how much trouble he's in, making him feel her big muscular thighs strangling his puny little neck. She ends his sentence by tightening up and sending him off to lala land.
  Added Oct-19-2012
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Disposable Slave

Muscle Goddess Kathy Connors has a very big surprise waiting for her in her suite. After a long day of working out and shopping, she likes to unwind with some hardcore sadistic scissoring. With a disposable slave tied up and at her mercy, Kat flexes her huge thighs and calves, crushing his puny neck until it finally breaks. Great way to end the day.
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