Miss Jasmine
Live Event: Total Massacre!
A whole crowd of people witnessed this TOTAL MASSACRE at the Oasis Aqualounge that night. Whichever video you've seen with Miss Jasmine, this one is at least TWICE as brutal! We don't know if it was the live audience that had her in destruction mode or her recent training in Thailand but she completely annihilates Jay. Her scissors crush him like never before! His face and reactions emit total fear making him tap violently and even having to yell out cut at one point. This doesn't stop her. The Eurasian Dom wearing the tightest latex catsuit continues her massacre with hand chokes (which left dark purple bruises), grapevines, choke holds and arm bars. While in a schoolgirl pin, she drags him to the edge of the stage then turns around into a reverse headscissors, knocking him out cold! It doesn't end there. When he wakes up, Miss Jasmine STILL continues to squeeze the living $#!@ out of him! When she's finished, she jumps up and does a butt smash on his face and flexes her biceps. How do you even top that?
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