Miss Jasmine
Scissor Paralyzer: The Rise of Baroness
The sexy assassin known as Baroness has perfected her scissor paralyzing skills and she's even more sadistic than last time. While holding her victim between her latex clad thighs, she tells him that she'll be paralyzing him and eventually killing him. Just as his friend enters the room to save him, she snaps his neck and paralyzes him as she said she would. Baroness now takes his friend to the floor while the first guy wakes up but notices he can't move. All he can do is watch as the deadly brunette CRUSHES his friend between her lethal legs. The power in her scissors are unbearable to any man. Escaping her assassin grip is impossible and unfortunately is his only chance if he wants to live. She promises to break his neck with her scissors while making him struggle from the pain and lack of oxygen. She also covers his mouth with her latex gloves while holding him in a figure-4, then straightens her legs for a final neck SNAAAAP!!! The paralyzed friend witnessed it all and now she's coming back for him. She inserts him deep in a reverse headscissor, squeezes REALLY HARD then finishes him off as well with a violent jolt! She holds on tight to make sure he's done. This is one of the HOTTEST scissor massacres you'll ever see!
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