Nikki Next
Semi Comp: Size Doesn't Matter
Nikki Next is almost half Jay's age and almost half his weight but yet she manages to mop the floor with him in this very intense semi-comp match. She's super quick and if she gets you in her scissors, it's OVER! Those legs explode with power and there's NO getting out! Jay felt very emasculated and admitted that he tried harder throughout the match, more than any other he's had. Nikki's very playful and he felt comfortable putting in more effort but it just made things worse. She also stepped it up a notch and had him tapping like crazy! At one point, she gets him in a standing headscissor and hangs off his neck while twisting it right around. He's lucky to have survived. He tries to throw her around and almost succeeds to pin her once but she flips around and her legs snatch his neck and arm, tightening up until he taps rapidly again. Round after round, Nikki shows her skills and ability to destroy a much larger opponent. So never judge a person by their size or you may end up like Jay, begging a sweet little girl half his size for mercy.
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