Nikki Next
Stress Relief: The KO Package
Nikki Next is a very nice young lady but when she has a bad day, WATCH OUT! She can tear you to shreds. Luckily, there is a stress management service that she frequently uses. She pays him a fee which allows her to relieve her stress however she desires. One day, she walks into his office ready to pop someone's head off. Nikki arrives early for her appointment and immediately straddles his neck while he's on the phone. She doesn't care. This is HER time! Her scissors look tighter than ever in those skin tight latex leggings. You can tell by her facial expression that she is really giving it all she's got. Nikki's rear naked choke is one of the deadliest and knocks the poor guy out. She then gives him a taste of her foot choke, digging her heel deep in his throat and making him gurgle. Nikki just destroys him some more with an extremely tight schoolgirl pin followed by more vise like scissors which she knocks him out again in a reverse headscissor. This guy has had enough and more than likely won't be accepting any more clients for the rest of the week.
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