Blackmailed by my Boss' Scissors!
Aiden is the most successful executive in her department and runs a tight ship. All of her subordinates follow her orders swiftly without hesitation, almost as if they are afraid of her. This new employee is about to find out why. One night, after handing her a subpar report, she demands that he stays late to redo it. He tells her that he's supposed to meet his girlfriend but suddenly finds himself locked between his boss' vise-like legs. He is in total shock and can't believe how much power she has. While holding his neck firmly between her thighs, she snaps pictures of his purple face and sends it to his girlfriend. She continues to take more pictures of his "unfortunate situation" and informs him that she'll be keeping them as blackmail. She also admits to doing this to all of her other employees and she's capable of causing a LOT more damage. On top of that, she seems to REALLY enjoy being in total control. As a taste of what can happen if he fails again, she ends their "meeting" by putting him to sleep. Guaranteed he'll be busting ass like his coworkers, hoping to avoid another late night with the boss' scissors.
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