The Wrath of Baroness
The Baroness is about to unleash the WRATH of her scissors like never before! Just to get some simple coordinates, the sexy assassin in the latex catsuit kicks her target numerous times, snatches his head between her lethal legs then hangs off of his neck with the grip of death. He falls to the floor finding himself locked in an insanely tight reverse headscissor, which eventually knocks him out cold! After waking up from his nap, she breaks his neck with such control and precision that it paralyzes him from the neck down. He can't move a muscle but he's about to find out that his neck is still susceptible to pain. The Baroness slowly scoops his head back up into a reverse headscissor, grinding the man's neck between her thighs of steel. With a violent thrust, she breaks his neck but he won't be waking up this time!
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