Alexa Fire
Bedroom Battles Round 22
Alexa loved the idea of doing a Bedroom Battle and we can now see why. She's one feisty girl and losing isn't an option. We already knew that she has perfect legs for scissoring however, we didn't know just how quick she is. Alexa is all over Jay and her thighs are wrapped tightly around him before he has time to take a breath! Once she clamps on, you HAVE to tap otherwise those steel cables can feel like your head will pop off! This match is quick paced and a lot of fun! Alexa uses plenty of headscissors, bodyscissors, arm chokes, schoolgirl pins, muscle flexing and H.O.M. She was also determined to knock him out which she does. In the last reverse, just as he's about to go out (which he felt coming on), she regrips his head, extends her legs and "BOOM!" he's out! It's a quick one but he certainly blacked out for a couple of seconds and had the numbing sensation. Alexa stands over him and strikes a victory pose. That's why you shouldn't play with Fire!
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