Alexa Fire
Friends With Scissor Benefits
This Alexa video is super HOT! After making her friend watch the movie Goldeneye, she reveals to him that she has a secret scissor fetish and used to crush boys between her thighs throughout high school and college. She also admits that they would sometimes pass out from it. She then politely asks him if he would like to try it with her but when he decides to pass and go home, she forces his head between her legs and locks her ankles tight. Alexa wasn't taking no for an answer. Her muscular thighs have been hungry for quite some time and she has big plans for tonight. He begs and screams but that only makes her squeeze HARDER!! In fact, after knocking him out twice, she informs him that she'll allow him to go home after the 4th or 5th knockout! He can't believe what is happening. An innocent movie night between friends suddenly turned into the ass kicking of a lifetime. He tries to pry himself free but it's no use. She's in TOTAL control and as promised, knocks him out 2 more times before finally setting him free. Alexa is every scissor-lover's fantasy come true!
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