Alexa Fire
Xenia Onatopp: Ruthless Sauna Scene
Our Xenia videos have become in high demand since our first one with Aiden. We've made an effort to choose the right models to play the sexy scissor assassin. Alexa did a great job with the admiral scene so clearly we had to do the sauna scene. This time we told Alexa to make it her own and she certainly did. Keeping in some key elements of the movie, she brings in a more dominant approach. An added bonus is that she's been training harder and is even more ripped than before. Her bodyscissors are excruciating and you'll see so much definition in her legs as she crushes Mr.Bond with them! She takes this scene to new heights by adding H.O.M., slapping, foot chokes, handstand scissors and left huge marks all over his body when aggressively scratching him with her nails. Xenia finishes Bond in a rear naked choke where she first breaks his ribs with her legs then snaps his neck with her hands. This version of Ms. Onatopp is very ruthless!
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