Alexa Fire
Breath Play 14
We probably shouldn't have shown Alexa our best selling and most brutal Breath Play which stars Sara Lips because this became just as intense! Alexa starts off a little nice but quickly evolves into a mean bitch, making Jay buck out of control and trying to breathe! It gets so bad that Venus (our camerawoman) had to step in a couple of times because she heard Jay muffling the safe word which Alexa didn't. As we said before, these Breath Play videos are probably our most dangerous since the victim is helplessly tied up behind his back and safe words often go unheard. You add in a girl who can knock you out at any given time and you've got yourself a horror show. Even after Jay calls out the safety word twice, Alexa continues to amp up her cruelness and lets him scream for air until he finally passes out. This is one of those videos that progressively gets crazier as it goes on and keeps you at the edge of your seat. We hope you enjoy as Jay certainly paid the ultimate sacrifice.
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