Ariel X
Bedroom Battles Round 30
Ariel is known for her outstanding wrestling skills so before this match, she told Jay to give it everything he's got. Well, he learned VERY quickly that he was completely helpless no matter how hard he tried. Ariel flawlessly flows from one hold to another, never giving him any opportunity to get free. She totally owns him the entire match and has a blast doing it. She uses moves that he's never experienced before and forces her feet in his face numerous times while he's locked in a hold. She even demands him to kiss them. Talk about humiliation! Her scissors are strong as hell and knock him out in a reverse headscissor, then again with a sleeper hold while crushing his ribs in a figure-4 bodyscissor. This Bedroom Battle is fast paced, intense, a lot of fun and one of a kind but would you expect any less from the incredible Ariel X?
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