Ariel X
Xenia Onatopp: The Admiral's Demise
Here's a treat for you guys. Ariel X truly embodies Xenia Onatopp, balancing the art of seduction with the lust to deliver pain! She also nails the Russian accent. After luring the Canadian admiral onto a yacht, she derives sexual satisfaction from crushing him between her thighs. She thrashes him around, using him as her own little squeeze toy. She moans in pleasure as he moans in pain. She smothers him with her ass, shaking it from side to side then clamps his throat with her bare hand while scissoring his body, working every rib. There's no stopping her once she gets started. Xenia finally pulls his body tightly against her crotch and squeezes him with everything she's got! You can hear the ribs crack as he screams out in agonizing pain. Her final climax is when she yanks his neck down between her legs and breaks that too! With everything admiral's been through, it was certainly for the best.
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