Ashley Wildcat
Bedroom Battles Round 28
This is definitely one of the HOTTEST Ashley Wildcat videos yet! Not only does this girl love to wrestle but she makes a point to show just how strong she is by knocking out her opponent within the first few seconds of their match. Right from the moment they start, Ashley locks on a reverse across the throat scissor and puts him right to sleep. Her scissors are WAY stronger than you would imagine and she completely dominates Jay in this semi-comp match. She is totally in her element and makes him tap repeatedly before letting go. She really seems to enjoy watching him panic and making him give up countless times. Towards the end, as he's trapped in her reverse headscissor and yelling out "I GIVE, I GIVE!", she responds: "I give to. You wanna know what I give you? I give you a knockout." and just like that, she clenches her glutes and puts him out again! Ashley Wildcat is the real deal and you'd be crazy to miss out wrestling with her.
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