Ashley Wildcat
Breath Play 26
You wanted more crazy extreme Breath Play videos? Well here's one that is certainly of our most intense yet! Ashley Wildcat is a gorgeous down-to-earth cool chick but you're about to witness the very cruel and sadistic side of her. She barely lets Jay breathe and when she does, it's usually only for a split second. In his terrified state, he tries to yell through her hands and buck her off but he's hopelessly trapped. Ashley has his head in a vise and his breath under her control. She laughs at his attempts for air and constricts her legs even harder! At one point, she accidentally knocks him out with her hand still covering his mouth. "Woopsie" she says with a big smile, but the fun doesn't end there. Her mission is to put the fear of God in this man and she manages to do just that. After all this, she ends his misery with a violent scissor neck breaker. A must see!!
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