Ashley Wildcat
Scissor Lightning Challenge 3
The last time that we worked with Ashley, she brought one of our victims to tears so we should have known what we were up against this time around. Well, Jay wasn't ready for this. She is SO much stronger than she looks and this was the first video of 4 that we shot with her. Ashley came out guns blazing! The purpose of this video is to try and escape each scissorhold in 30 seconds or suffer 10 seconds of full force. The second Ashley clamped on her first reverse headscissor, Jay immediately felt very nervous. He couldn't believe how tight it was and she wasn't even squeezing hard yet. The motivation to get out was very obvious as he can only imagine what full force would feel like. As we can all guess, he couldn't escape and suffers Ashley's atomic scissors which sends him in a yelling frenzy. You would to if you felt like your life was in danger. This goes on scissorhold after scissorhold. She even warns him ahead of time that he'll probably go out in her figure-4. Girl knows what she's capable of because that's exactly what happens. The challenge ends with another reverse and within a few seconds of full force, he goes out again. Jay wakes up dazed and confused but Ashley presses down on his throat with her foot to keep him down. Bet he didn't see this coming!
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