Ava Simone
Scissor Challenge 264
Everything is at stake here as Jay has 10 minutes to pry himself out of Ava's steel thighs or it's GAME OVER! As he fights for his life and tries to escape her front headscissor, she reminds him what's on the line while taunting and toying with him. She demonstrates her strength by giving bursts of power that send him tapping frantically. Ava adds in some HOM (Hand Over Mouth), as if it weren't hard enough to breathe. She also shows off her incredible physique by flexing her biceps while her victim remains trapped between her muscular legs. Time's almost up and as motivation, Ava knocks him out. He has a hard time mumbling words as he wakes up from his nap but that doesn't change the fact that the clock is still ticking. He struggles with all of his might but runs out of time. Ava snaps his neck like a twig and relishes in her power by striking a victory pose over his limp body. Would you accept this challenge?
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