Bailey Steel
Fitness Fanatic: Brutal Knockouts!
Two of our most brutal REAL knockouts are in this one video! Bailey came out full throttle and showed us that she really is made of steel. The first knockout happens on the workout bench. While applying a front headscissor (as motivation), she orders Jay to do a chest press. He does one then all of sudden, his weights slam down on the floor. He is out big time! It takes him a while to recover and realize where he is. She must've had him good. The second knockout is even more brutal since she didn't realize he was out. It happens in the rear naked choke. Within seconds, Jay is biting his tongue and twitching but she can't see it so she continues to hang on tight. When she finally gives him a second to breathe, he struggles to use words and before he knows it, he's locked in again. Needless to say, he goes into a desperate panic. This whole video is packed with insanely tight scissors and some of the most terrifying reactions! She even has an incident at the end where she accidentally breaks his neck with her thighs. OOPS! If you want a fitness girl who can push you beyond your limits, Bailey is your girl as you will certainly see here!
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