Bailey Steel
Semi K.O.MP 5
When Bailey gets her muscular thighs around you, it's GAME OVER! She is an extraordinary woman with incredible strength and looks extra hot in that netted bodysuit. Although Bailey is new to wrestling and sessions, she's very competitive in this match and has tons of energy! Her scissors and her arm chokes are as strong, if not stronger than other popular session girls. Bailey makes him tap numerous times, often ignoring them. She brings him to high levels of panic before letting him go free. Round after round, she humiliates him by making him feel helpless. She also manages to knock Jay out twice between her powerful thighs! He didn't stand a chance. He tries REALLY hard to escape her holds but it's an impossible task. Don't believe it? Try for yourself! She is available for sessions and ready to trap you between her legs of STEEL!
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