Bailey Steel
Teaching How To Scissor Gone Wrong
Get ready for a New Fox who's more than ready to pop your head off! True story: This future fitness competitor was approached by a friend of hers to try some wrestling. He was amazed by her strength and quickly brought her to our attention knowing that she would make a great ScissorFox. Well, he was right! We contacted Bailey immediately and she was super excited about getting into sessions and scissoring. She drove 6 hours to meet us and learn proper scissoring techniques. Needless to say, this girl has it! She is solid and knows how to put the squeeze on. This was her first video which has loads of panic and it only gets better from here. Jay was not expecting this caliber of strength and got more than he bargained for. She even gets her first scissor knockout but with her power, it was bound to happen. We hope...actually, we know you'll enjoy Bailey's debut and if you're daring enough, she is accepting sessions in the Ottawa area. What are you waiting for?
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