Bedroom Battles Round 24
We knew right away that Bambi would be a blast to do a Bedroom Battle with. She's fast, spunky and a LOT of fun! Her holds are also incredibly strong, particularly her reverse figure-4 and her sleeperhold (which she warned Jay beforehand that she was going to knock him out with it). This semi-comp match is fast-paced with plenty of great moments that you're going to love including some egging on, tickling, arm bars, humiliation, schoolgirl pins, ass slapping and of course scissorholds. Jay tries a little harder in this match but this cute girl clearly out wrestles him. As promised, she almost knocks him out in the first sleeperhold but later, at the end of the match, she makes sure she gets it. She locks one arm in a tight scissor and latches onto his neck with her arms and doesn't let go until he's completely out. Her sexy smile of victory says it all. Make sure to check this one out. You won't regret it!
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