Breath Play 22
Bambi is a total cutie but you'd be a complete fool to judge her by her innocent look and size. Standing at 5 feet even, we were a little doubtful as to how strong her scissors would be since there really isn't much content out there but all those doubts went out the window as soon as she applied her first scissors. Bambi makes Jay her bitch! This breath play is up there with our most intense ones! She's also one of very few girl to knock Jay out in a reverse figure-4. Her technique is perfect and you can tell she knew exactly what she was doing. His neck was slightly cocked and her amazing ass and legs constricted it with such immense force that he passes out within seconds. She channels her sadistic side and holds the hand over mouth with nose pinching for LONG periods of time, sometimes only allowing split seconds of breath in between. She gets him bucking repeatedly but that's all he can do. His hands and feet are tied up and her legs are locked on like pythons. Bambi is very sexy, dominant and in total control. We're positive you'll love her debut on ScissorFoxes!
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