Pressure Gauge: Baywatch Babe
We named this Pressure Gauge "Baywatch Babe" because, just look at Bambi in that outfit. She is freaking hot and looks like she came right out of that show. Throw in the scissors and you've got yourself the best of both worlds! Bambi shows off her leg strength by slowly increasing the pressure in each scissor move. The view is AMAZING and the grip is like a python! She REALLY knows how to use those thighs of hers. She props herself off the ground to get full leverage, turning his head into a purple plum ready to explode. Her beautiful smile goes well with her sexy laugh as she makes her victim squirm and tap out numerous times. Her final hold is unbelievably hot! Her booty in that reverse figure-4 engulfs Jay's neck. She gets him so good that his arms go completely numb and he nearly passes out. Bambi then sits on his chest, flips her hair and flexes her biceps. It's certainly a fantasy come true.
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