Bedroom Battles Round 25
It's just crazy how strong this young girl is! Bella completely destroys Jay in this Bedroom Battle and makes him beg repeatedly to be released from her grip. She laughs as she ignores all of his tapping, pinching and numerous outcries "I GIVE! I GIVE!". Many times she's pinning his wrists down so all he can do is try and buck her off. He is completely terrified! At the beginning of the match, he actually thought that he would try and wrestle her a little more than usual but Bella didn't give him a chance and he was forced into survival mode. Bella purposely knocks him out in a triangle choke and immediately locks on another tight scissor upon waking up. She is so mean! Then again, while she has him begging in a front headscissor, she says: "I'm not even trying. Imagine if I tried." She cocks his head slightly and knocks him out again. Bella gets some of the most panic that we've ever seen come out of Jay, but would you really expect anything less from her? Make sure to check this one out!
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