Breath Play 21
This is by far one of the most intense videos we've ever done! These Breath Plays are getting a little out of hand. First of all, we knew Bella was going to be mean but she took it up a level and stacked another 10 levels on top of that! Jay probably savored any air that he could get because she barely let him have any. Her little hand is clamped on his mouth very tight and her other hand pinches his nose almost the entire video. She laughs at his panic and reminds him who's in charge. At one point, she knocks him out with a front headscissor/H.O.M. combo! You'd think she would give him a break but NO! After making him beg with such fear in his voice, she knocks him out AGAIN with her insanely tight reverse! Let's not forget that he's tied up and has no choice but to endure her sadistic behavior. She ends with a schoolgirl pin that has him roaring for air. If you love panic, strong scissors, hand over mouth and cute girls with attitude, we HIGHLY recommend this video! It's certainly one of our best yet!
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