Friends With Scissor Benefits 2
While these 2 friends try to figure out a way to pass the time, Bella comes up with a peculiar idea. She sends him a picture text of her squeezing another guy between her thighs. He's shocked and before he has time to back out, Bella has her legs wrapped around his neck. She instructs him to tap if he's in trouble but unfortunately for him, Bella is kind of a sadist and ignores all of his tapping while laughing at his demise. She admits to doing this to the other boys all throughout high school and how much she enjoys it. In the second scissorhold she shows him, which is the reverse, she asks him if he'd like it tighter to which he responds "NO!". She tightens up and puts him to sleep, shaking her ass until he wakes up from his scissor nap. The rest is a complete massacre and if you've seen Bella in action before, you know how much damage this little girl can do. Her scissors are some of the strongest we've ever experienced and all that begging and frantic tapping is some of the most intense we've ever seen. How would you like Bella to be your friend with scissor benefits?
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