Life in Scissors: Captured & Crushed!
Bella is very anxious to get in the session scene and prove just how powerful her scissors really are. They are brutally strong and once you're in them, you'll wonder how the hell a small young girl like this can cause so much damage! Well, one of her secrets is that she keeps a slave on hand to squeeze at her will. Bella captures random men, ties them up and keeps them in her basement, instilling fear every time she needs her scissor fix. Life in her scissors can be terrifying, especially if you catch her on a bad day. She has no mercy and actually loves when a man can't breathe by either her scissors or hand over mouth (which there is plenty of). Knockouts are also one of her specialties and it's come to the point that she does them by accident at times. She's that strong! Would you survive a life sentence in Bella's scissors? Feel free to find out for yourself!
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