Mistress On Campus
Class is in session and there's a new girl in charge! Bella gets her ultimate revenge when her college professor winds up in her dorm room for a domination session, unaware who his mistress would be. Upon removing his blindfold, Mr. Fox is shocked to see his old student in a latex bodysuit and suddenly realizes that he's in for a world of trouble. He recently gave Bella a failing grade and as you're about to see, she isn't too happy about it. What she lacked in his class, she more than makes up for in leg strength. Knocking out her teacher twice with her insanely tight reverse headscissors is just her way of showing him how furious she is. Bella orders him to address her as Mistress or suffer the consequences. She takes him way beyond his limits, crushing his windpipe until he can't breathe anymore. She's as sadistic as they get and when she wants you to go to sleep, there isn't anything you can do about it. Class is dismissed...for now!
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