Scissor Challenge 258
To say that Jay was hesitant to do a reverse headscissor challenge with Bella would be an understatement. If you go back and watch all of her videos, every time she has him in that hold, he either gets knocked out, gives her the "safety" pinch or panics much more than usual. She is by far one of our most dangerous Foxes and to let her size fool you would be a HUGE mistake. Jay had that same misconception when he first met her but after his first video with her (Pressure Gauge), he gets butterflies every time he has to face her again. So here we have Bella forcing him into this challenge. She chained his ankle to his bed while he was sleeping and after waking him up, she puts him the place he fears most; her reverse headscissor. She orders him to try and escape or he'll be put to sleep! Bella knocks him out TWICE (one of which is also captured in the P.O.V.). Jay had every reason to be scared but you can find out for yourself as she may be coming to a city near you. Do you have what it takes to survive or will you be forever traumatized like Jay?
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