Shock Collar: Fear The Latex!
First off, this series is one of the toughest on the victim out of all of our series. Secondly, you add Bella in the mix and it's bound to get crazy! Lastly, to try and push the envelope, we didn't allow any safe words so what you're about to witness one of our most dangerous videos yet! Basically, in our Shock Collar series, our models can squeeze as hard as they want and the victim cannot touch them or they will suffer the consequences. Everyone's natural instinct when you're being choked out and can't breathe is to try and free themselves from the situation. Unfortunately, this only makes matters worse as you will see Bella scissor Jay so hard that we've never seen him this scared before. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Bella even purposely knocks him out twice with a figure-4 headscissor then again with a reverse, letting her fans know just how much she enjoys it. If you're ready for one of ScissorsFoxes' most intense videos to date, we suggest you purchase it and enjoy the massacre!
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