Cali Kobra
Attacked by the Sexy Maid
What would you do if Cali Kobra was your maid? You'd probably do the same thing as this guy and make her wear a sexy maid outfit, right? Well, Cali makes quite the entrance in her new uniform and looks HOT as HELL!! Unfortunately, she doesn't think he's paying her enough to dress this skimpy. He tries to argue but quickly finds himself between his maid's fit strong thighs while getting spanked by her duster. He is completely humiliated as she has now taken charge, forcing him to make a decision; more money or more clothing. The man can barely speak as her legs crush his vocal chords. She tells him to beg as her grip gets tighter and TIGHTER!! He finally agrees to give her a huge raise but Cali puts him out for a nap anyways. Her reverse headscissor can put any man to sleep and as you can tell, she really enjoys doing it! What would you pay Cali to be your sexy maid?
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