Cali Kobra
Escape This 3: The Interrogation
This poor guy's luck just keeps getting worse! It all started with a simple burglary gone wrong where the preyed becomes the sexy dangerous predator followed by a super fit cop whose scissor curiosity got the best of her, and now, this incredibly attractive detective is about to put the SQUEEZE on him and get a confession one way or another. Cali tries to be nice at first but then forces him to the ground and he suddenly finds himself trapped between her strong legs. Her silky pantyhose make them soft to touch but good luck prying them apart. This girl obviously works out. She's relentless even though he begs her to stop and requests his lawyer. Cali ignores his pleas and presses on with her grueling interrogation. Under these circumstances, it's impossible not to confess. After doing so, she hears someone coming so Cali knocks him out before his lawyer walks in the door. He'll probably never look at a pair of female legs the same ever again. To be continued...
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