Cali Kobra
Insomnia Therapy: The Knockout Cure
Dr. Cali has the perfect cure for her patient who's been having problems falling asleep and he's in for QUITE the surprise. As a therapist who regularly hits the gym, she loves to take advantage of her strong legs to treat insomniacs. It's actually her favorite part of the job. She pulls off her skirt and wraps her anaconda thighs around his head. Her legs are extremely fit so he'll be sleeping in no time. She kicks him to the ground, pins him down and removes her top. Now the knockout frenzy begins! There's a reason why it says "Woke Up in Paradise" on the back of her little booty shorts. She's an expert at putting men to sleep between her scissors as you will see. She knocks her patient out 4 TIMES!!! Cali gets a kick out of it but it's also for his own good. She's currently accepting new patients. Do you having a sleeping problem?
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