Cali Kobra
Bedroom Battles Round 16
"Read my shirt!" Cali says and as Jay bends over to read it "Breathe", she pounces on him and shouts "Not today BITCH!" She wraps herself around his entire body like a Kobra, takes him down them unleashes her merciless legs onto his throat, letting him know that he is going to lose this battle. The sexy blond model moves quickly in this semi-comp match. Even when he thinks he might pin her down, she reverses it and he ends up either getting choked or forced to smell her feet covered in knee high socks. What's best is how much Cali is enjoying herself, wrestling and pinning a guy almost twice her size. She gets him in a lot of different holds and accidentally makes him black out quickly in a figure-4. At first, she's quite proud of her accomplishment but then decides to really knock him out. She gives him to the count of 5 to get up but keeps his hand trapped between her firm thighs. Cali then pounces on him again, locks him in a tight 45 degree front headscissor and really puts him out. He wakes up with her sitting on top of him, her ass right by his face while she giggles and flexes. Well done Cali!
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