Xenia Onatopp: Admiral vs Amazon
We are extremely excited to present Damazonia in her debut video as your favorite assassin; Xenia Onatopp! She certainly has the look! She has the sexy accent and standing at 6 feet tall with an athletic build, she has the legs that can easily break every bone in his body! In this scene, she lures the Canadian admiral onto a yacht. She pounces on him and aggressively seduces him until he finds himself trapped between her freakishly strong thighs. Xenia moans in pleasure as he moans in pain. This surely wasn't what he was expecting and it takes everything in him to try and breathe! She continues to crush him mercilessly with her trained legs, letting out a loud orgasmic sound right before purposely knocking him out. She swings her legs back and forth on his neck while giggling until he wakes up. Seconds later, he finds himself back in her frightening grip. His ribs also fall victim to her lust for squeezing things. Xenia thrusts her legs out, cracking the admiral's ribs! He yells out and begs her to stop with what air he has left but she's completely aroused and wants MORE!! She pulls his neck down near her crotch and violently breaks his neck with a front headscissor (slow motion instant replay included). She lays back and laughs with complete satisfaction as her victim lays limp between her thighs. After this, you'll be craving for more Damazonia!
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