Bedroom Battles Round 39
Firestorm keeps impressing us more and more every time we work with her. To say that her dancer's legs are built for scissoring would be an understatement. This girl can make you think that she's squeezing the life out of you, then all of a sudden, she kicks it up a few more gears where you actually think she's going to pop your head off! Just check out the definition in those thighs and calves. She is a human vise grip and with that said, let the BATTLE BEGIN! Like most of our models, Firestorm had a blast play fighting and showing off her skills. Jay found out real quick that once she catches you in between her legs, you might as well give up because there's no prying those babies apart. Her muscular inner thighs dig deep into the neck, nearly knocking him out numerous times. He was no match for her reverse side headscissor which puts him right to sleep. Firestorm shows him who's superior in strength and speed, easily putting him in his place; screaming between her muscular thighs!
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