Leg Day 3
This video begins with nearly 2 minutes of Firestorm's incredible stretching regime which will have your jaws dropped. Not only is it sexy as hell but her strength and flexibility are out of this world! Just watch her muscle definition as she pretzels her legs together. It's no wonder that her scissors are some of the strongest we've ever experienced. Those ripped legs can easily cripple a man and she knows it. During her stretches, her friend walks in and volunteers to help. BIG mistake! She uses his neck as her personal thigh master, thrusting, crushing and using her entire body as leverage. His face turns purple from the insane amount of pressure and unfortunately for him, she isn't stopping until she's good and ready. She really pours it on with her reverse headscissor and right before he's about to knockout, she lets him go. What a tease but it just goes to show how much control she has with her muscles. Firestorm then strikes a long victory pose, once again showing off her outstanding physique. Prepare to be WOWed!
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