The Escape Room: Episode 1
This Christmas, we decided to create a new series that takes it to a whole new level. Imagine this being a new reality show where the contestant is tied up and all he has to do is get his entire body outside the yellow and red marked square to win a million dollars. The catch: there is a beautiful fit woman in the square with him doing everything she can to prevent him from escaping. The motivation: failure to escape the square in 10 minutes results in death! Our first episode features Firestorm and she is one vicious squeezer! Her legs are ripped and perfectly built for scissoring. She actually knocks out the contestant 3 TIMES!! NO JOKE!! She does it twice with a reverse headscissor which are pretty quick and minor but then she gets him REALLY good with a side/front headscissor that has him waking up terrified for his life! This game is highly entertaining as Firestorm totally manhandles him, dragging him around by his feet making sure he stays within the square. She lets him get close to the border but then traps him in a vise-like headscissor while pulling him back in. Unfortunately for him, his time is up and Firestorm snaps his neck between her muscular thighs. We've also included some close-up replays in slow motion of the neck breaker. ENJOY!!
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