Gia The Giant
Boot Camp Massacre!
True Story: We had every intention on shooting a "Prisoner of War" with Gia but after experiencing her INSANE strength (definitely one of the strongest) and had already done a bondage video, Jay was too scared to do another. If you've ever experienced her scissors or watched any other of her videos, you would understand why. Not only is she BIG and STRONG but she's also an expert at pole fitness. That's right! Gia spends countless hours squeezing a pole between her legs and history shows these girls usually have the strongest scissors. The incredible fear in Jay's eyes says it all as she holds him in between her thick thighs for slow counts to 10. He's terrified beyond belief and Gia lets him have it, knocking him out TWICE!! First with a rear naked choke then a front headscissor. Shortly after she unleashes all of her power and SNAPS his neck! This boy didn't stand a chance. If you like loads of Panic, Knockouts and Neck Breakers, you'll love Gia The Giant's latest video!
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