Gia The Giant
Pressure Gauge: Bodyscissors KO!
Gia The Giant is by far one of the strongest Foxes we've ever had. Standing at 6'1", weighing in at 224 lbs with 29 inch thighs (that's right, you heard me), we are amazed that Jay wasn't carried out in a stretcher. First let's point out that she managed to knock him out with a bodyscissor, which is extremely rare and has only happened once before on our site by Goddess Severa. That's not counting the other 2 REAL knockouts she "accidentally" did with headscissors. This video gets so crazy that our camera woman Venus (as you may or may not know, is Jay's wife) had to check in numerous times to make sure he was ok. The strength in Gia's scissors is not even human; God like is a better way to describe it and her 30% power was comparable to most other girls' 70-80%. This Pressure Gauge is one of our most extreme yet and highly entertaining! Gia is an amazing woman, incredibly nice but be warned; her scissors can easily collapse you (no joke!).
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