Gia The Giant
Sweet Revenge: Amazon Unleashed!
With 3 REAL Knockouts and a Neck Breaker, Gia takes revenge to a whole new level! Words cannot describe how strong this woman is. Trying to capture a giant was not Jay's brightest idea as you're about to witness. As he goes to strap her legs down, Gia makes her move, snatching his neck between her godlike pythons. This is where it all goes downhill for Jay. She knocks him out with her scissors and ties him up while he's out. Upon awakening, he is faced with a barrage of "over-the-limit" type scissors that terrify him beyond belief. Gia knocks him out again and as he wakes up screaming in a panic, she tells him that it's going to happen again and again right before knocking him out for a THIRD time. She shows no sympathy for her newfound squeeze toy and unfortunately for him, her toys don't last very long. They tend to collapse under the pressure of her extremely strong legs. Gia snaps his neck with her scissors like it was nothing. CAUTION: Requesting to get tied up before getting scissored by Gia is not advised and can have real consequences!
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