Goddess Anat
Fresh Meat 2
Why is it always the same guy in the videos??? We get this a lot and our search for new male victims hasn't been easy but we think we found a good one. We present you with Mike who has never been scissored before. What makes this video even better is we also have a new Fox, Goddess Anat, who is terrifyingly strong. If that wasn't crazy enough, we also tied his hands behind his back. This wrestler/dominatrix from L.A. really lets him have it and makes Mike experience not one, but 2 scissor knockouts for his very first time. The first one happens pretty quick but he really seemed to have enjoyed it and has a grin from ear to ear. The second one is quite extreme and takes him a while to come back to reality. Anat is nice enough to coddle him until he's feeling normal again. Her scissors are so strong that her victim couldn't even say the safe word "Cut" a few times because his jaw was locked close. If you listen close enough, you can hear and see him attempt it. Luckily he survived. Goddess Anat's debut is simply awesome and includes facesitting, hand over mouth, bondage, tight scissors, loads of panic and 2 REAL knockouts! Enjoy!
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